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About Us

Opened on September 22, 2010

Sutherland’s Real Estate Company is a legally registered real estate business on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines since September, 2010. It was founded on the basis of Almighty God who is its true Head. It is made up of a Founder and Managing Director, Deputy Director, Accountant and Company Solicitor/ Lawyer. ” We Strive For Excellence ” is our Motto because we believe that in Honesty, Credibility and having Integrity is the best way to do business.

Our Mission
To provide a level of good quality, convenient, efficient and reliable product(s) and service(s) for and on behalf of aspiring or existing property owners.

Our Vision
To offer an authentic, multi-purpose real estate agency.

About Stenneth Sutherland
Stenneth Sutherland was born on the 19th September, 1982 as the second of four (4) children, in the small town of Barrouallie in the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Ever since he was a boy, he always dreamt of owning his own business.

After completing school, he acquired many skills, knowledge and exposure to fields in St. Vincent and other countries such as: hospital administration, insurance salesmanship, supervision and some military training. These helped to mould him into a well-rounded individual which then provided the foundation for starting his own business. His passion and admiration for property led him to choose Real Estate as his business and he has developed a love for this career choice. His belief that people have a right to live comfortably influenced his selection of his business slogan: “Your Comfort Is Our Business”. Also, the motto “We Strive For Excellence” will demonstrate his commitment to delivering exemplary service.

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