Property Management (maintenance, rent collection etc.)
Minimum charge of USD$850/month for one service, additional charge of USD$250/month for each other management service required. Learn more.
Property Development (minor repairs, interior design & decoration)
Charges to be negotiated depending on the extent and nature of development required.
Tenant selection
USD$650 to include for rent advertising, property viewing and final selection of tenant.
Preparation of rent/lease contracts
Property sale
Charges to be negotiated based on property size, type, location, condition and price.
Furniture & household equipment sale
If a garage sale is not required, charges for each individual item to be sold will be negotiated.
Garage sale
USD$450 to include for advertisement, site preparation and sale of up to 5 items. An additional charge will be negotiated and applied for each item in excess of 5.
Eviction services
USD$250 for arranging and serving eviction letters. Further charges to be negotiated for delinquent/difficult tenants.
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